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Rodd's Poems

Blue Skies

Selected Poems Available Online

"The Skies Inside our Home" The Lake, May 2022. 

"Hiding from the Puppy" and "Scouting Report" ucity review, Issue 23, December 2021 


"How I—a 56-year-old Man Who Has Never Been to Paris—Happened to be on the Lanvin Perfumes Website for Forty Minutes on a Work Day" Whale Road Review, Issue 22, Spring 2021

To the Final Bit of Night, a PrayerRiver Heron Review Issue 4:1, February 2021


Your Wife Decides on Kayaks" The Ear, Issue 24, January 2021 


I Would Tell My SonRockvale Review, Issue Seven, November, 2020


The SpacemanRockvale Review, Issue Seven, November, 2020

Traveling to ThanksgivingSweet Tree Review, Vol. 5, Issue IV, 2020 

"A House," Broadkill Review, November 2020

"Another Elegy for the Arctic," Broadkill Review, November 2020

"The Giraffe is a Friendly AnimalBroadkill Review, November 2020


"The Hidden Blessing of the Covid Quarantine," The Mark Literary Review,  September 2020

"Lido," Ghost City Review, June-August 2020

"Prepping My Son for Finals," Peatsmoke Journal, April 2020

"BBC Cosmology," Peatsmoke Journal, April 2020

“An Anniversary, I Think,” Barren No. 12, January 2020

“Careers Week,” The Wellington Street Review, Issue 4, Jan. 31, 2019

"Relax. There is an Author.” River River, Issue 10, December 2019

"Mesa at New Year" Kissing Dynamite, Issue 5, May 2019. 

Something about a bridge" The Shore, Issue 1, March 2019.

How do you call it when" Barren, Issue 5, January 2019. 

The Thing that Would Make Her Happy" Lightly Red Press, November 9, 2018.

“A Tangle of Spirea” Anti-Heroin Chic, September 2018.


What I Mean When I Tap the Heart Button (on a tweet by Ada Limon)” Kettle Blue Review Issue 5.1 May 2018.


“Hecate” Pif Magazine, No. 250, March 2018.

“In the Weeks Before,” Shot Glass Journal, Issue # 24, February 2018.


“My Dog Feigns He’s New to English,” Menacing Hedge, Winter, January 2018.

“Cash me outside” * 82 Review, Issue 5.3, Fall 2017.


“Middle Illinois,” 2 River View, Spring 2017.


“Lana Turner in Ascension,” Literary Orphans, September 2016.


“Someone Else’s Car,” Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Vol. 3, Issue 3, August 2016.


“The Thing I Should Have Liked to Ask Stephen Hawking,” Shot Glass Journal, Issue # 19, June 2016.

“Now We are 50,” Chagrin River Review, Issue 6, 2015.


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